Recognizing The Right Roofing

Four Reasons To Consider A Spray Foam Roof

If your current roofing tiles are damaged, or if you have leaks and want to completely overhaul your roof, you have many different options available. One option you may want to consider for its many advantages is a spray foam roof. Use the following guide to determine if a spray foam roof is right for your home.

Reduced Leakage Around Flashing

Installing roofing around flashing can be a challenge, and improper underlayment and shingle installation can lead to leaks even after having your roof replaced. Spray foam roofing helps eliminate this problem. Because the roofing is sprayed on and then adheres to surfaces, it creates a bond that prevents leaks. With traditional roofing options, the areas around flashing typically have a few gaps. Even small gaps can lead to bigger problems down the road.

Flexible Installation Techniques

If you have a flat roof with areas where water tends to pool, spray foam roofing may be the perfect choice. Your roofer can apply a thicker layer of foam in areas prone to pooling, which can even out the surface and prevent water from collecting. This process can also be used around gables and other raised structures in the roof to create smoother areas and prevent puddles. Remember that pooling water on your roof can weigh on the structure and can eventually lead to leaks and potential damage.

Less Invasive Installation

While traditional roofing projects require a lot of time to remove the old roofing and then reinstall the new layers of underlayment and shingles, the spray foam process can be a lot more efficient. This means less disruption for your household as you wait for your new roof to be installed. Your roofers may still need to remove the old roofing materials, but the installation of the new roof may prove to be a lot faster. Be sure to ask your roofer about a time estimate when you start shopping around, and compare the time and cost estimates of shingle roofs and spray foam roofs to see which one is better for your wallet and watch.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

No type of roofing application is without its issues, and repairs may be required from time to time no matter which type of roof you choose. However, maintaining your spray foam roof may be easier than other options. You can do a visual inspection fairly quickly to identify the source or problems, and your roofer can be dispatched to apply a new layer of foam wherever small cracks or holes may be found. Remember to have your roofer perform an inspection every year to ensure everything is in good shape, and keep the roof free from debris for best results.