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Three Styles Of Shingled Gables To Consider

If you've seen some homes in your area that have shingles across the gables, you might think about recreating this look. Doing so is best to do when you hire a roofing contractor to replace your roof, as he or she will already be on the scene with the necessary equipment to get the job done. While there are functional benefits to this work, many people simply appreciate the look that it can provide. Whether you're thinking about shingling your gables to match with other homes on your street or you want to choose this job to stand out from your neighbors, here are three styles of shingled gables to think about.

Straight Rows

Perhaps the simplest, and most conventional, way to shingle your gables is to do so in straight rows. This idea works well because it reflects how your shingles are placed on your roof in straight rows. This method is also the simplest for your roofing contractor to do, which can be ideal if you're on a budget and don't want to spend extra money on an intricate pattern of shingles. When you look at different houses around your neighborhood, you'll find that straight rows of shingles on the gables are common.

Curved Rows

If you're keen on adding some visual appeal to your gables, one way that you can do it is to have your roofing contractor place shingles in curved rows. Doing so stands out immediately from any other houses in your area that have straight rows of shingles on the gables, and can definitely augment the curb appeal of your residence. The downside to this work is that it's a little more involved. It requires careful planning to ensure that each of the curved rows is symmetrical, and this may end up costing you a little more money to have the work done.

Diamond Pattern

For a homeowner who really wants to get creative, another look to consider for a shingled gable is a diamond pattern. This is a look that won't necessarily work with all types of shingles. If you're using asphalt shingles, for example, recreating this look can be highly labor-intensive and perhaps thus not worth doing. With smaller wooden shingles, however, your roofing professional may have a way to lay them in a diamond pattern. Whatever you choose, speak to your roofer about what he or she thinks will look best based on the look of your home and your preferred shingles.