Recognizing The Right Roofing

Three Problems You Can Run Into With Your Metal Roof

While some roofing materials are better than others, all materials will eventually break down and need to be repaired. If you are going to get a metal roof for your home, it helps to know what can potentially go wrong with it down the road. 

Oil Canning

One problem that can affect a metal roof is oil canning. It is a problem where the roofing material has waves in it that are purely cosmetic. Many homeowners don't like how metal looks due to oil canning, and they want to prevent this problem from happening. You can prevent oil canning by selecting a metal material that is thicker since heavy gauge metal is less likely to have that problem after years of exposure to the sun. A light finish to the metal can also help hide the waves, while dark colors will accentuate them. 


A common reason for leaks is the way that the fasteners have been driven into the metal material. Fasteners may be off-center, creating a gap where water can seep through, or not driven in far enough. It is worth having a roofing contractor look over the surface of your roof to verify that all of the fasteners in the area of the leak have been installed properly. If not, you'll need to have those fasteners adjusted to prevent future leaks. 


Metal roofing material has the potential to corrode due to several reasons. It may be due to the installation since using the wrong tools to cut metal can cause it to be more likely to corrode. However, scratches can easily lead to big sections of corrosion. The best thing you can do is inspect your roof periodically for damage so that you can identify it early. You can have a roofing contractor fix the scratch to prevent corrosion from spreading.

Another reason for corrosion is due to using different types of metal materials. This can happen when mixing steel with copper or aluminum. Having the material touch can lead to corrosion over time. The same thing happens if you join two types of metal plumbing in your home without the proper fittings to prevent them from touching.

If you are replacing your gutters, make sure that it is the same type of material as your roof to prevent corrosion where the materials touch. If not, corrosion can happen around the places where the gutters touch the roof.

Reach out to a local roof repair company for help fixing these metal roofing problems.