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Roof Repairs That Need To Be Done Throughout The Years Before Replacing Shingles

When you have a new roof installed on your home, it is going to need care over the years. Sometimes, it is also going to need a few repairs before it is time to have it replaced. The following tips will help you with maintenance and inspecting your roof to find minor problems that need to be repaired over the lifetime of the shingles: 

Problems with Punctures That Can Happen After New Shingles Are Installed or Later  

Punctures in shingles can be a serious problem. This problem often happens not long after roofing has been installed due to nails and fasteners that are above the roof decking. The nails then work up through the decking, puncturing a shingle.  

Storm Damage and When You Want to Inspect Your Roof for Potential Problems  

Unexpected damage often comes from severe weather, and you want to be aware of potential problems when a storm comes through your neighborhood. Sometimes, the problems may not be as visible without getting on your roof to inspect the damage. You want to look for damage like pitting in roofing from hail and damaged materials due to high winds.  

Areas of Your Roof That Wear Faster and Need Repairs Before You Need Replacement  

Some areas of your roof will wear faster than others and need repairs before it is time to replace the shingles. These are areas like eaves, walls that meet roof slopes and valleys of different roof angles. This is due to the excess runoff, and this wear can be reduced and damage prevented by reinforcing these areas of your roof when you have repairs done.  

Damaged Roofing Due to Trees, Shade, and Moss That Sometimes Requires Roof Replacement  

Another cause of damage to roofing materials is trees, which also cause moss and lichen to grow due to shade. Branches and tree debris falling on the roof can cause damage to shingles, which is why it is important to keep the trees trimmed. In addition, the excess shade will cause the shingles to wear quickly, and make cause you to need to replace shingles in these areas sooner than in areas where moss and lichen do not grow.  

These tips will help with the maintenance and repairs that your roof is going to need over the years before it is time for a replacement. If you need help with repairs that you cannot do on your own, contact a roof repair service, like Hinckley Roofing, for help.