Recognizing The Right Roofing

Three Roofing Services You Need Before Winter

As winter approaches, it is vital that you make sure your residential property is ready for it. The bitterly cold weather will enter into any spot that it can and bring your indoor temperature down. In the months leading up to the cold season, you need to check every area and secure it. One of the main spots that should be checked is your roof. Fixing any damage or vulnerable areas before months of ice and snow can save you a lot in structural repairs down the road. This guide goes over some tips on getting your roof ready for winter.

Ice Guards

Any sloped roof should have ice guards installed on it. Without the guards, ice and snow will slide down the roof extremely quickly and can cause damage to lower roofs, decks, or other objects that it lands on. Snow and ice can become very heavy which allows it to cause this significant amount of damage. Ice guards should be placed strategically throughout the roof in order to catch and hold ice and snow. The ice and snow will then slowly melt while it is on the guards. The water runs down into the gutters and travels safely to the ground.


Speaking of gutters, this is a great time to inspect them. All your gutters should be securely attached to the roof of the home. If you see any sagging or loose gutters, you need to resecure them immediately. Once it begins to snow or ice builds upon them, it will cause even more weight and the gutters will detach from the home and fall to the ground. You should regularly clean the snow out of the gutters if you do not have gutter guards installed on top to keep snow out.


Houses that have fireplaces in the home should have the chimney cleaned before it is used again for the year. This will greatly lower the risk of a chimney fire. If you do not know have to clean the chimney yourself, hire a roofing company to handle it for you. They will even run a camera down the chimney to check for damage or other issues. Also, you need to inspect the outside of the chimney for signs of damage, such as crumbling bricks or tilting. Any damage should be fixed before using the chimney again.


A roofing service will provide maintenance services for you if you are unable to complete them yourself. Call around to find the best rates and go from there.