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3 Most Common Types Of Fireplaces To Consider Installing In Your Home

Are you the owner of a house that lacks a fireplace? Do you wish that you could curl up around a cozy fire during the winter months? A family sat around a fireplace while it snows outside is indeed an iconic image of American life. Or you might be picturing a couple cuddling each other while sitting cozily next to a fire. Regardless of your reasons for wanting a fireplace, the current lack of one in your home doesn't mean that you're doomed to buy a new home to have one. You can almost certainly have one put into your current house. A few different types to consider include:

Wood-burning: This is the most traditional and the most iconic type. When thinking about fireplace installation, this is probably the one that you're considering first. It can also be one of the more difficult, though not impossible, types of fireplaces to retrofit into a home that doesn't have a fireplace. If you have your heart set on getting a traditional fireplace, a qualified professional can probably get it done. The only way to know for sure is to have one come out to see the style and layout of your home.

Gas: A gas fireplace burns natural gas or propane instead of wood. It typically also uses some sort of insert to make the flames look more realistic. Because it typically needs less ventilation and less room in general than a wood-burning one, a gas fireplace installation may be possible even in places where a traditional fireplace simply wouldn't work. There are also no ashes to deal with, and the chimney won't need cleaning nearly as often, making this an ideal type of fireplace for someone who wants the look but who also doesn't want all of the hassles of having a traditional fireplace.

Electric: Although electric fireplaces tend to have a bad reputation, modern electric fireplaces often don't deserve this bad press. While a cheap electric fireplace can indeed look cheap and unrealistic, a high-end model that has had a professional fireplace installation can be almost indistinguishable from actual burning wood. Unlike other types of fireplaces, you can also have it "burning" without having it emit heat. This is ideal for nights where it is warm but you still want the comforting glow of a fire. This also means that these fireplaces can be used in the summer as well as the winter, making the fixture a more versatile part of your home.

Talk with a fireplace installation professional about the type you'd like.