Recognizing The Right Roofing

Two Major Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Roof

If you care for the environment, then one way you can show your care is to get an eco-friendly roof. There are various ways of getting such a roof, but the following two things stand out.

Energy Efficiency

Many Americans rely on fossil fuels for heating energy, and the extraction of fossil fuels have adverse effects on the environment. Thus, you can do your bit for environmental protection by reducing the energy you use to heat or cool your house. One way of doing this is to install an energy-efficient roof, which you can do via any of these three ways.

Use the Right Colors

Light-colored roofing materials reflect most of the sunlight and energy that falls on the roof. Using such roofing materials (or painting your roof white), if your area is hot, can reduce the heating effect of the sun in your house. On the other hand, you should use dark roofing materials if your areas is predominantly cool and you want to retain most of the heat incident on the roof.

Use Energy-Efficient Materials

Even if you discount the effect of color, some roofing materials are better than others at energy efficiency. These roofing materials do not allow heat to escape the house or outside heat to get inside the house. Examples of such materials include slate and tile.

Ensure Efficient Insulation

Roof insulation serves two purposes. It helps trap the heat inside your house and prevents the outside temperatures from affecting your indoor temperature. Therefore, ensure your roofing's insulation is intact and adequate at all times.

Recycled Products

Another eco-friendly roofing tip is to use recycled roofing products. Plastic, fiber, and wood are some of the materials that are widely recycled to manufacture new roofing materials. Using such materials is eco-friendly for two main reasons.

Reduce Landfill Materials

Discarded roofing products usually end up in the landfill. Unfortunately, some of the materials in the products are toxic to the environment. By recycling roofing products, you reduce the amount of materials that end up in the landfill.

Reduce Manufacturing Resources

Many manufacturing processes use considerable raw materials and energy, and the roof manufacturing process is no exception. Since most of the energy and materials are from nonrenewable sources, they affect the environment negatively. Recycled products use less energy and raw materials compared to manufacturing new products.

Talk to a roofing contractor like those at Premier Roofing Co if you want to replace your roof or install a new roof. The contractor will discuss with you other ways of making your roof eco-friendly so that you can choose the best path for your case.