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3 Reasons Why You Your Roof Needs Regular Professional Inspections

How long has it been since your home had a new roof put on? Do you even know what year it was that you last had your roof checked out for potential issues? If you're like a lot of homeowners, you probably don't even give your roof that much thought in the first place. Until one day when, unfortunately, your roof starts to leak and it winds up ruining some of your belongings. It doesn't have to be like this. Getting your roof checked out every 5 years or so and after especially heavy storms will be the best way to keep your roof in good condition indefinitely. Some things that will be checked for include:

Missing shingles: You can't always tell when your roof is missing a shingle or two, especially if the angle of your roof is quite shallow. A strong gust of wind can blow the shingle into a neighbor's yard, and the first time you'll be aware of this fact could be when water starts pouring through your ceiling. Roofs are made up of multiple layers of roofing materials to help keep out moisture, so it may only start to leak during the next storm. This is why it's especially important to have your roof checked out after a storm that blows down trees and power lines and causes other damage.

Disturbed flashing: Although shingles protect the majority of your roof from water, another extremely important roofing material is the flashing. Flashing is made up of thin strips of metal that go under the shingles to cover up openings in the roof where two different pieces meet each other. This includes along the ridge of your roof and around any vents or chimneys on your roof. While it shouldn't move, things like hail or being hit by a tree branch in the right way can deform any exposed flashing to the point that it allows water to enter your home. 

Dry rot: In some circumstances, your roof isn't leaking, but there is enough moisture coming from somewhere for your roof to start rotting. From the outside, your roof will look normal. At least until it starts to sag due to a lack of structural integrity. Once this happens, you often have to start completely over; instead of just putting on shingles and other exterior roofing materials, you'll have to have the whole roof itself rebuilt. With regular inspections, a qualified professional will be able to spot this issue before it becomes too serious. This will allow you to take steps to remedy the situation without having to spend a fortune doing so.

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