Recognizing The Right Roofing

3 Signs That Your Convenience Store's Roof Needs To Be Replaced

If you haven't replaced your convenience store's roofing in a while, there may be signs lurking that point to the need for a replacement. Here are a few signs to look for that could mean you need to replace your convenience shop's roof.

Your Cooler Keeps Sweating

If the food items in your convenience store's coolers seem to sweat and collect water on their packaging more than they should, it could be a sign that your roofing needs to be replaced. If your roof isn't sealing the interior of your convenience store as it should, humidity could build up in the store and make it tougher for your coolers to keep things at optimal temperatures.

When the humidity mixes with the cool air that is emitted from your coolers, it could create condensation that ends up on your cold foods and makes it all look less appetizing as a whole. Having your roof replaced can correct the condensation problem and make it easier to maintain proper temperatures in and around your coolers.

You Can't Keep the Air Cool

A leaky roof can make it tough to keep the air in your convenience store cool when it's hot outside. Even with the front door closed, the air conditioner cranked up, and the fans on full blast, the air could feel stale and sticky when your space isn't properly sealed. A roof that's rotting, rusting, cracked, or broken in any other way makes it almost impossible to properly seal an enclosed space. If you're finding it tough to keep the air cool inside your convenience store even with the door closed and the AC on, consider having your roof inspected to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Drooping and Sagging Is Becoming Evident

A ceiling that droops and sagging bubbles that start to develop on walls are telltale signs of a roofing problem. When your roofing isn't properly protecting the interior of your building, water can leak through the roof and build up inside the ceiling and within the walls. When that happens, you may start noticing drooping and sagging where you shouldn't.

And when water builds up in the ceiling and walls, mold and mildew can start to develop which could compromise the comfort and health of your customers as they shop. So it's important to call your roofing expert in for an inspection at the first sign of sagging or drooping.

Even if you don't notice any signs of roof failure, schedule a roofing inspection with your service provider today to ensure that your convenience store is being properly protected from the weather elements.

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