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Keep Your Commercial Roof Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time when your company is likely to get into a festive mood with holiday-themed decorations or landscaping. Some of this decor may even end up on top of your roof. While you're up there, be sure to keep some of the following best practices in mind to ensure you and your employees get through the holiday season safe and sound.

Be Careful Not to Breach the Roof During Installation

Are you the kind of business owner that likes to light up your entire roof with a festive display that can be seen by customers from miles away? While that can be fun, make sure you or your workers are not doing any long-term damage to your roof while you are up there. You want to make sure any lights or structure you put up on the roof are secure of course, but you don't want to use any kind of fastening device that might damage a roof tile or the flashing in between the tiles. A damaged roof could let in a leak and that leak could then damage important equipment inside your building. Use caution when installing any kind of structure or lighting on your roof for the holiday and use that same slow and steady approach when undoing the fasteners to take everything back down after the holidays are over.

Don't Install Anything on the Roof That Could Cause Significant Damage or Injury If It Falls

Stringing up some holiday lights along the roof is generally fine, but if you are going with a massive display that involves large objects, make sure these are installed in an area where it cannot possibly fall to the ground below. The last thing you want is for a customer or employee to be walking into your building, hear a loud noise, and then look up to see your giant statue of Santa falling off of the roof and onto their head. Keep larger holiday decorations away from the edges of the roof and provide additional fastening to ensure that the wind can't pick it up and send it flying.

Be Mindful of the Snow

Another thing you should be doing every late fall and into the winter is to get into the habit of removing ice and snow from your commercial roof. Letting too much ice or snow build-up could prove dangerous. You don't want icicles to fall onto unsuspecting people below or for a huge build-up of snow to put pressure on your roof and cause a leak. If you have an elaborate display of holiday electronics on the roof, you'll also want to make sure the wet snow doesn't cause a problem by building up on top of the lighted decorations.

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