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How Lightning Can Damage Your Roof

Lightning has the potential to do a lot of damage on your property. It can knock a tree onto your car or house, and it can even hit your roof directly and cause extensive damage to your home. Here's a look at how lighting might damage your roof and some of the roof repair services that could be needed after a lightning strike.

Ways Lightning Can Damage a Roof

There are two main ways a lightning strike can damage the roof on your house. One serious type of damage is fire from the intense heat of the strike. Your roof could catch on fire, and the heat could even cause a fire in your attic and through your house. Lightning strikes can do a lot of damage even if they don't start a fire. The shock wave created during the strike is powerful enough to knock down the chimney and rain bricks on your roof. The strike could even blow a hole in your roof or send shingles flying.

Roof Repairs That Might Be Needed Due To Lightning

If your roof catches fire, then you may need to have the roof replaced from the attic up. Fire should always be your first concern after a lightning strike. It's good to call the fire department immediately so your home can be checked for a smoldering fire in the attic insulation, in the wiring behind the walls, and on the roof. The hole in the roof created by the blast could be fairly small or quite large. Call a roofing contractor to inspect the shingles and deck to determine what type of repairs need to be done. Part of the deck has to be cut out and replaced to get rid of the hole and damaged shingles need to be removed and replaced with new ones. It may be possible to get your roof back in good condition with localized repairs after a lightning strike, but it's also possible your roof will need extensive work.

Call a roofing contractor to check your roof, even if your home doesn't seem to have any major damage from the lightning strike since the hole in the roof could be small enough that you can't see it from the street. Also, you may want to avoid walking on the roof if you know it was damaged by lightning since the deck could be weak and collapse with you standing on it. Instead, let a roofing contractor check your roof for damage and repair the hole and shingles to keep your roof from leaking and causing further problems.