Recognizing The Right Roofing

Switching From Paint To Vinyl Siding

Peeling paint can make the outside of a house look bad, and it might even be a violation of the rules of the HOA. Even if your neighborhood doesn't have any HOA rules to worry about, peeling paint can still be a problem and may bring down the overall value of the neighborhood. If you have been getting complaints from an HOA or neighbors about the peeling paint on your house, fixing the problem should be a priority. Considering vinyl siding as the solution rather than applying more paint might be the most ideal step to take. The advantages of having vinyl siding over paint makes it worth installing on your house, and you can hire a professional to do the work.

Peeling & Maintenance Concerns

If you replace the paint on your house with vinyl siding, you will never have to worry about peeling issues again. Not only does vinyl siding not peel off like paint, but it can last for a long time with very little maintenance. Cleaning the vinyl is one of the maintenance needs that you will have, though it is possible for the siding to fall off in extreme weather conditions, such as major windstorms or hurricanes. However, it is not likely that normal wind speeds will cause the siding to fall off. If any of the siding does happen to fall off, it is easy to reattach.

Choose Your Desired Style & Color

Don't opt for paint simply because you desire your house to be a specific color since vinyl siding provides more options than you may think. You can find vinyl siding in an array of colors, even in colors that are not commonly seen on standard houses, such as red. The perk of the colorful vinyl is that it isn't painted on and is manufactured into the material. Keep in mind that the style of siding will also be an option that you can choose. For example, you can choose the horizontal type, or can opt for siding that is designed to look like shingles.

Warranties Are Commonly Included

Although vinyl siding should naturally last for many years, a warranty will generally be included. The duration of the warranty provided is usually dependent upon the company that the shingles are purchased from. You might even be able to get vinyl siding with a lifetime warranty. 

If you are interested in vinyl siding for your home's exterior, contact a siding company. They can provide further information regarding siding installation.