2 Signs Your Shingled Roof's Decking Is Rotting Away

While looking at your roof to determine its condition, you may find that the shingles still appear tightly secure and in good condition. However, underneath the shingles is the roof decking, typically composed of plywood sheets, which just as important to the infrastructure of the roof. Unfortunately, you cannot visibly assess its condition because it is covered. Luckily, there are a couple of signs that you can look for when trying to figure out if the decking is rotting away. [Read More]

4 Tips For Ensuring The Roof At Your Business Lasts

If you're a business owner, you'll want to take the proper care of your company's building. There are likely to be many things that will need to be done on a routine basis. One of the most essential tasks you may have is ensuring that your roof remains in good shape. There are specific things you'll need to do that will allow this to be the case. 1.  Don't neglect your roof [Read More]

Keep Your Commercial Roof Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time when your company is likely to get into a festive mood with holiday-themed decorations or landscaping. Some of this decor may even end up on top of your roof. While you're up there, be sure to keep some of the following best practices in mind to ensure you and your employees get through the holiday season safe and sound. Be Careful Not to Breach the Roof During Installation [Read More]

5 Factors That Affect How Many Years Your Residential Metal Roof Will Last

In general, metal roofing tends to outlast many other forms of roofing. However, every homeowner will have a different experience with their metal roof and how long it lasts. If you're thinking about getting a new metal roof, here is a breakdown of the five factors that can affect the lifespan of your metal roof.  The General Climate and Weather  The weather has a large role to play in how long your metal roof will last. [Read More]